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December 25, 2017

Ahh, Christmas time is almost over. And, you know what that means... Where Did It Chart time.

Here's how it'll work this week: The Top 10—voted by you—will be played every hour on Friday (the 29th of December).

Make sure to get your votes in before the poll closes.

*Votes will be counted and tallied until Thursday (the 28th of December).



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Bill1978, 3 months ago
Miss You by Louis Tomlinson!!!
Bere Gloria, 3 months ago
I vote for Two Ghosts by Harry Styles It's amazing
patrickwilde101, 3 months ago
Wolves by Selena Gomez
Alba Montoya, 3 months ago
I vote for Kiwi by Harry Styles
johnnythegr8, 3 months ago
I vote wolves be selena gomez ft. Marshmelll
1Dandafter_love, 3 months ago
I vote for Miss You by Louis Tomlinson this song is incredibl!!