Lady Gaga's "The Cure" earns platinum certification in United States

February 12, 2018

Lady Gaga just received another digital song certification in the United States.

Gaga's "The Cure" officially attained platinum status last Tuesday (Feb. 6, 2018). 

The award — issued by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) — confirms that the song in question has sold one (1) million units in the United States. (Each unit, however, is equal to one (1) paid download or one hundred and fifty (150) streams.)

After receiving the new certification for "The Cure," Gaga extends her lead over Bruno Mars as one of the top-selling U.S. single artists ever. (She is the fifth (5) best selling single artist.)

According to RIAA, Gaga boasts over sixty-one (61) million certified U.S. units. Bruno Mars, who is the sixth (6) best selling single artist, has over fifty-two (52) million certified units.


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