Buying chicken at KFC? Use bitcoin

January 11, 2018

Despite major swings in its value, long and short-term volatility, and an overall confusion over how it works, cryptocurrency is making a leap into the restaurant business.

KFC is asking Canadians to trade their Bitcoins for Buckets in the latest development in the crypto-chicken space.

"We're upgrading the $20 Bucket to the 00041 Bitcoin Bucket, or whatever its ever-fluctuating value happens to be at the moment," a spokesperson for KFC told us.

It all starts today (Jan. 11) at 3:00 p.m. ET on KFC Canada's Facebook Live. (The video will track the current value of a $20 Bucket in Bitcoins to help aid you in your quest for Finger Lickin' Good chicken.)

Canadians can go onto their online store, to trade their digital tender for a bucket of chicken tenders. They say it will be delivered between January 12 and 19.

Happy Finger Lickin', Toronto!


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